The Agile Wall Chart: How the Principles of Lean, Theory of Constraints and Agile are Applied on a Daily Basis (Eng)

Agile is an aggregation of many other management disciplines such as Lean Manufacturing , the Theory of Constraints and even Dr. Deming's work in Japan in Total Quality Management. One of the best tools for managing an Agile project and thus for teaching how these disciplines relate to the work done on an Agile project is the Agile Wall Chart or Story Card Wall. A Story Card Wall, similar to a Kanban Board in Lean Manufacturing, gives a snapshot of the project's status by displaying the status of each Story Card that makes up the backlog of the project.

This presentation illustrates, using an animated Agile Story Card Wall, the concepts of Lean’s Work in Progress, Drum–Buffer–Rope from Theory of Constraints and Systemic Thinking from Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline. The presentation, originally inspired by the MIT Beer Game, uses Flash animation to show the flow of story cards across a Story Card Wall over 10 iterations, demonstrating the effects on the team’s throughput as a result of a staffing decision made during the project. The presentation also includes an Excel spreadsheet to do ‘What If’ scenarios.